Fire fighting systems are much more important subject in today‘s conditions. Necessity of fighting systems is increasingly preserving it’s importance. Doubtless; the most important component of a fire fighting system is the water storage tank, of which if it doesn’t operate during a fire case, the rest of the fire fighting equipments are useless. Sectional Water Storage Tanks are exponantially being preferred for fire fighting systems.

During the pumping process of the water from the tank to the fire fighting system, sufficient amount of air needs to be able to enter in to the tank with a sufficient flow rate, otherwise suction vacuum will occur inside the tank. 

On the other hand, if enough air is not exhausted from the tank during the water is filling from inlet, than positive pressure will collapse the tank.

NFPA standards indicate that a air vent, which has at least 1,5 times cross section area dimension of either pump or tank water inlet cross section area (whichever one is larger) needs to be assembled on the tank.

Anti-Vortex plate is placed in the tank at the pump suction area. ESİNOKS recommends usage of Anti Vortex in high flow rates (>DN 100) to conserve air-suction in to the pump.That’s why compatible pump suction flanges are used on ESİNOKS sectional water tanks.

DN100 Vorteks

Air Vent