To protect steel from corrosion, metalic coating applications are applied to the surface of the steel.
Hot dip galvanization method is a methallic plating, which has been used for over 150 years to protect steel from corrosion.
Steel is dipped in to melted zinc and as the outcome of the diffussion, metallic reaction enables galvanize coating.


Products choosen to be galvanized are alkalinizised to remove the oil or other chemicals that exist on the surface of steel. Products are immersed in to %18 concentrated HCR acid and kept in till  rust is completely removed.

Acid immersing process is followed by a water bath to remove the acid remains. Rinsed products are immersed in to %30 NH4CI-ZN Cl2 flax at 50-70 °C to enable melted zinc to coat the surface of the steel.

Following flaks coating process, product in plunged in to melted galvanize to be coated at 445-465 °C.

Coating thickness of hot dip galvanized products is measured bythickness gauge and convenient products are stowed and dispatched.